Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates Inc.

Associate, 2012 – Present; Intern, 2011-2012

  • NACTO Urban Street Design Manual, 2012 – 2013. Assisted in the development of graphics, content and layout for a street design manual focused on multimodal access. Intends to be a physical and online resource for jurisdictions wishing to implement Complete Streets.
  • West 96th Street & Environs Pedestrian Safety and Circulation Study, 2013. Led study and recommendations to address traffic safety concerns, increase pedestrian accessibility and safety, and reduce vehicle conflicts on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
  • Pedestrian Safety and Accessibility Study in the Farragut Square Area, 2012. Provided key data collection, analysis, and mapping for a pedestrian safety and accessibility study of the area surrounding Farragut Square in Washington D.C.
  • Al Ain Improvement of Pedestrian Safety & Movement, 2011. Sited pedestrian crossings and safety enhancements  in the City of Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. Created score system to prioritize implementation of crossings near transit and pedestrian generators.
  • St. Louis Regional Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Study, 2011- 2012. Developed criteria and methodology to evaluate TOD potential for existing Metrolink station areas. Analyzed bicycle and pedestrian access to five selected stations and recommended changes to increase access
  • Chinatown and Midtown Intercity Bus Study, 2012. Assisted in the development of a methodology to evaluate curb space. Managed field data collection to identify potential bus stop locations and summarized findings with reports, maps and graphics. Researched intercity bus operator schedules and calculated curb space demand.
  • Downtown Parking Study, Marquette, MI, 2012. Completed inventory and utilization surveys to determine the sufficiency of on- and off-street capacities to meet current and anticipated parking demand. Completed extensive stakeholder outreach (focus groups, online survey, intercept surveys).
  • Sustainable Communities Technical Assistance – Parking Audits, 2012. Assisted with a series of workshops on managing public parking and shared private parking  for the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Sustainable Communities Building Blocks as part of their Smart Growth program. Analyzed and created maps of parking utilization.
  • Howard University Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Plan, 2011. Analyzed parking utilization to identify opportunities to for TDM measures to reduce parking demand.

BICI Planning and Design

Consultant, October 2010 – March 2011

  • New School University Bike Parking Report. Surveyed sidewalk frontage of university facilities and produced report recommending bike rack placement per NYCDOT standards. Researched and wrote policy to control indoor bicycle access.

Transportation Alternatives

Public Space Advocate, May 2006 - January 2009

  • Designing the 21st Century Street Competition. Coordinated international juried street design competition. Designed exhibition and awards event.
  • Traffic Safety and Enforcement. Directed survey of traffic speed on corridors throughout New York City. Analyzed data from 15,000 motorists and authored “Terminal Velocity” report on New York City’s speeding epidemic.
  • Hudson River Greenway Taskforce. Coordinated field research to identify intersection conflicts between motorized and non-motorized users. Analyzed data to prioritize and advocate safety improvements to multi-agency taskforce, resulting in installation of safety features to prevent motorist intrusions.

Master of Urban Planning, Hunter College, 2012

  • Studio: Where Will New Yorkers Live, investigating housing policy  With an additional one million residents projected by 2030, this studio tackles housing policy and makes innovative recommendations at how NYC might attack the issue.

Bachelor of Arts, Metropolitan Studies, New York University, 2007